Lego Collectible Series 12 Minifigure - Wizard (Retired)

Lego Collectible Series 12 Minifigure - Wizard (Retired)

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"Now, where did I put that potion? I know it’s in here somewhere…"

The wise and kindly Wizard has studied the magical arts for many years, and few are better than he at crafting spells, enchantments and useful elixirs. He knows just the right rhymes for undoing curses, and can cure hexes with a touch of his crystal-tipped staff. He’s even mapped out all of the dragon caves in the land so that everybody can avoid them.

But the Wizard’s problems began when he created his mystical Robes of Many Pockets. It sounded so useful to be able to carry his vast collection of potions, scrolls and spellbooks around with him all the time, but he forgot to write down the instructions, and now he can’t figure out what pockets hold what. When he reaches into one, he can’t predict whether he’ll pull out a rabbit, a wheelbarrow, or a hungry troll!

Minifigure comes with black base and accessory shown in photo as well as a Lego Minifigure Series 12 info leaflet.

Recommended for ages 5 and up.

Minifigure was originally sold as a blind pack but this item has been removed from its original manufacturer packaging and placed immediately in a polybag to be sold.  It has not been used.

WARNING:  CHOKING HAZARD - Contains small parts.   Not for children under 3 years.  Use with caution around pets.